Fourth CRAB Homebrewing Competition

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After the success of the last editions, the CRAB (Collectif Rennais des Amateur·rice·s de Bières) is happy to announce the fourth edition of its amateur brewing competition. Registrations are open until November 10, 2023. Thanks to our many partners, there are some great prizes to win!

As in previous editions, the contest will follow the general rules of the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program). This year, the competition is opened to four styles:
29A. Fruit Beer,
8A. Munich Dunkel,
17C. Wee Heavy, et
12C. English IPA.

Each person can only submit one beer per style. There is a maximum of four beers per brewer.

The idea of a BJCP homebrew competition is to keep the competition healthy and to create an environment where evaluations are welcome, but also honest. Each brewer will receive several feedback sheets for each of their beers, with frank and constructive feedback.
The contest is of course open to all amateur brewers, don’t hesitate to participate!

Prize endowment

Constructive feedback is instructive… but trying to win a prize isn’t bad either. So we’ve been working with our partners to bring you some great prizes! The best beer in each style will be awarded one of the 4 grand prizes offered thanks to the support of our partners. The order of the four grand prizes will be determined by a best-in-show on which the brewers of Skumenn Brewery, official partner of the contest, will sit. All beers that qualify for style specific best-in-shows will also receive attractive prizes!

Among the prizes to be won are a Brewster beacon 40 system, an Anton Paar EasyDens digital density meter, two conical fermenters, three INKBIRD wifi temperature control systems, three INKBIRD temperature control systems, Rolling Beers vouchers, yeast, malt, hops, three INKBIRD thermometers and other goodies. Details of the grand prizes and subsequent prizes will be announced in the coming weeks!

We thank all our partners: Lallemand,, Ker Beer, INKEBIRD, Chnouff Maltings, Hop France – Comptoir Agricole, Whitelabs, Castle Malting, Biozh – Marchand de Bière, Chez Alain beer cellar, La Petite Patrie (Paris), Kerbeer (Paris), Sauvage Brewery, Vieux Singe Brewery, Drao Farm-Brewery, Torr Penn Brewery, Brasserie Beltane, La Maison bar à bière, L’Écume des Bières, Bretagne Brew Shop, Le Coin Mousse, Yakima Chief Hops, Yec’Hed Malt, Saint-Malo Craft Beer Expo. We wouldn’t be able to have such nice prizes without them!

We especially thank Skumenn Brewery for agreeing to be the partner brewery for this 4ᵉ edition. This year Bières Bretonnes is also associated with our competition, we thank them for that!


Registration is done online, with a deadline on the 10th of November 2023. A contribution of 5€ per beer presented is required to participate. Deposit of 3 bottles (of 33cl or more) between November 1st and 30th 2023 at the cellar Chez Alain, 18 rue Poulain Duparc, 35000 Rennes.

The jury will be held on December 2, 2023 in a location yet to be determined. The winning beers will be announced that same weekend, with prizes being distributed at the same time.

Règlement du concours

  1. Four BJCP styles are possible: 29A. Fruit Beer, 8A. Munich Dunkel, 17C. Wee Heavy et 12C. English IPA.
  2. The jury will follow the rules and specifics of the BJCP competitions. In particular, beers will be judged according to their correspondence to the BJCP 2021 Style Guidelines. For the Fruit Beer style, it is important to specify the basic style and the fruit(s) used.
  3. Each person can propose only one beer per style. There is a maximum of four beers per brewer.
  4. Participation fee: 5 euros per entered beer, payable via HelloAsso. It is also necessary to fill in the registration form.
  5. The winners of each style will take home one of 4 grand prizes. A « best-in-show » jury will determine the order among the winners on each style (first, second, third, fourth).
  6. The grand prize winner (first in the best-in-show) will have the opportunity to brew a version/adaptation of their recipe with Skumenn Brewery. The brewery reserves the right to adapt the recipe. The beer will be considered a collaboration between Skumenn Brewery and CRAB. The winners⋅e⋅s name will of course be specified on the label.
  7. Each participant agrees to share his/her recipe with the CRAB. The recipe will be published on the CRAB website. He will of course be mentioned as the author of the recipe.
  8. Registration by November 10, 2023. Jury on December 2, 2023. Deposit of bottles between November 1 and 30, 2023. A form detailing the style must be completed. This form will not be shown to the jury before the decisions.
  9. It is necessary to send 3 bottles of 33cl (or bigger) per registered style. The bottles are to be dropped off or sent to the cellar Chez Alain, 18 rue Poulain Duparc, 35000 Rennes.
  10. All competing bottles must be brewed by homebrewers, pro brewers may compete, but only using homebrewing equipment.
  11. Prizes will be given in person when the results are announced. The CRAB does not assume the cost of shipping the prizes to winners who cannot pick up their prizes on site. The CRAB may, if necessary, keep the prizes and deliver them at a time more convenient to the winners.
  12. Detailed BJCP forms will be given to each brewer during the month of December. There will only be forms filled out for the first round, with the style-specific best-in-show and inter-style best-in-show rounds focusing on determining a final ranking.
  13. The jury is sovereign.

Our partners

The event is made possible thanks to the support of our partners, whose list is growing. A big thank you to them!

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